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The Center for Child Care Career Development

The Center for Child Care Career Development is the professional development system for South Carolina’s early childhood workforce.

  • The Center promotes career development for those who educate and care for the children of our state through the South Carolina Early Care and Education Credentialing System.
  • The Center administers the South Carolina Child Care Training System, a registry for all DSS child care training hours.
  • The Center facilitates the South Carolina Early Care and Education Technical Assistance System, the certification process for persons providing technical assistance to early childhood educators.
  • The Center provides scholarships for teachers, directors, owners, and family/group providers working to complete coursework in early childhood education through T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood ® South Carolina.
  • The Center registers or certifies all child care trainers and training in the state. 
  • The Center maintains an online calendar of certified child care training offered in the state.
  • The Center maintains an online portal to allow child care providers and teachers to print a copy of their training transcripts.
  • The Center collaborates with technical colleges and universities across the state to provide support for maintaining articulation agreements to increase opportunities for early childhood professionals to earn their Bachelor Degree.
  • The Center sponsors Train the Trainer sessions to allow our state’s early childhood and child care trainers to learn from nationally recognized experts on adult learning principles.
  • The Center provides grants to the Early Childhood Departments of the 16 technical colleges to support early childhood classes.