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SC Voucher Program

**COVID Child Care Assistance**

Attention Parents: Child Care assistance may be available for you if you are working, in school, in a training program, or have a verified disability. If you are interested, please click here for more information on how to apply and to access the child care application.

NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests, applications will be worked in the order they are received. Please do not submit multiple application or submit your application more than once.


About SC Voucher

SC Voucher makes payments to child care providers to care for children from low-income families so their parents can work.

  • SC Voucher pays for an average of 11,810 children a month to attend child care programs. In federal fiscal year 2017, SC Voucher served 22,641 children.
  • Approximately 1,509 providers are enrolled in SC Voucher.
  • About 92% of children receiving vouchers are enrolled in Child Care Centers. 4% are enrolled in Group or Family Child Care Homes, and 4% are enrolled in Family, Friend and Neighbor care.
  • The Division of Early Care and Education pays providers within 4 - 6 days of receipt of online payment documents.
  • Parent income must be below 150% of the federal poverty level based on family size for entrance into the SC Voucher Program; for a family of 4 this would be $37,050 annually.
  • SC Voucher supports work; parents must be working or attending school or training in order to be eligible for child care services.
  • Parents choose the provider who will care for their child, whether it is a child care center, family or group child care home, church, synagogue, school, employer, or a family member, friend or neighbor.
  • Many parents share in the cost of child care. Parent copayments are based on family size and income, and range from $6 to $20 per week per child.
  • All of the money paid to child care providers goes back into South Carolina's economy to benefit the citizens of the state.

Contact Information for SC Voucher 

The information on this page is from Federal Fiscal Year 2015, and is updated annually.  If the most current numbers are needed, please contact the Division of Early Care and Education.