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What is SC Endeavors?

SC Endeavors is the professional development system for South Carolina’s early childhood workforce. The mission of SC Endeavors is to support the continuous growth and improvement of early education programs and professionals to create positive outcomes for young children and their families in South Carolina. SC Endeavors continues to be an integral part of the South Carolina Department of Social Services Division of Early Care and Education and to enhance professional development opportunities, resources, and tools for early education professionals.

Services include:

  • An online calendar of all certified child care training offered in the state
  • T.E.A.C.H. Scholarships to complete coursework in early childhood education
  • Train-the-trainer sessions led by national experts
  • Certification of trainers and training
  • Credentialing and registry of training hours
  • Use the Career Ladder to take the next step in achieving a level
  • Grants to the state’s technical colleges to support early childhood classes
  • Facilitating course credit transfers between technical colleges and universities to increase opportunities for earning bachelor’s degrees