Finding Child Care

What type of child care is best for your family now? In the future? Decide what you need, then find what’s available where you live using our Search for Child Care Providers.

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How to Choose Child Care

From large child care centers to a family member who cares just for your child, there are lots of options. Here’s what you need to know to choose child care and how ABC Quality ratings can help.

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What Families Need To Know: Comprehensive Background Checks

All child care programs must conduct comprehensive background checks on child care staff and have the results of those background checks before the child care staff begin working with children. Here is what you need to know related to background checks in child care programs.

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Affording Child Care

Child care is a big chunk of a family budget. Figure out what you can afford and where to turn for support, including Child Care Scholarships that help parents in need pay for care.

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Filing a Complaint

Complaints about child care facilities are investigated quickly by our staff. Learn about typical complaints, how to file one and how to see the status of child care facilities across the state.

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Resources for Parents

Our list of links and downloadable guides is here to help you choose the best child care and find ways to afford it.

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