February 23, 2024

Share Your Voice to Inform SC Child Care Scholarship (Voucher) Payments!

The South Carolina Department of Social Services is working with Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies (P5FS) to design and implement an alternative methodology process to inform SC Child Care Scholarship (Voucher) payments. This process will help South Carolina:

  1. Better understand how much it costs providers to deliver high-quality child care and stay in business.
  2. Develop a tool to help estimate the true cost of child care based on variables such as program size, geographic location, and ages of children served that can be used to inform rate setting.

We need to hear from you! Make your voice heard by participating in an Input Session and by completing the SC Cost of Child Care Survey. This is your opportunity to share what it truly costs to provide quality child care – not just what families can afford.

The survey and input sessions will allow child care providers, including child care center, family and group home, tribal child care, and license-exempt child care centers enrolled in the ABC Quality program to share current expenses and the true cost of care.

The survey is available English and Spanish. Input sessions will be held in English and Spanish (and other languages as requested, if possible). Learn more about the process through this short project overview.


Click Here to Register for Input Sessions

Click Here to Take the Surveys


Each child care facility will receive $100 grant for taking the survey and participating in an input session (a total of up to $200 for both)!

Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies is conducting this study and all data will be kept confidential and not attributed to any one person or program.