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Complaints made about a child care facility are handled quickly and with great concern for the well-being of children. If our staff find that a provider is not following laws or regulations, they will cite the provider for having a deficiency. All licensing deficiencies are posted on the provider’s page (located on this website) if they are regulated by DSS. You can search for specific child care providers in the blue box to the right to view any deficiencies they might have. Call, email, or write the Regional Child Care Licensing Office in your area if you believe a provider is not following laws and regulations, or if you believe someone is operating without a license or registration.


To File a Complaint with Child Care Licensing:

Click on your county on the map below for contact information to file a complaint with Child Care Licensing.

Map of South Carolina with Counties


Please note that Child Care Licensing will not investigate complaints about a provider’s rates.


To File a Complaint with ABC Quality

If you believe the provider is an ABC Quality provider, please call the ABC Quality Program at 1-800-763-2223 or email them at and someone will review and follow-up with the program. 


To Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

If you want to make a report of suspected child abuse and neglect in a child care facility, the Out-of-Home Abuse and Neglect Unit is available 24/7 at 1-888-CARE-4-US (1-888-227-3487). Non-emergency reports of abuse and neglect can be made via the SC DSS webpage. For more information, click here.


Examples of Licensing Complaints

  • Someone is keeping children without a license or registration.
  • A provider has more children in a room than the staff-to-child ratios allow for.
  • Playground equipment is in bad repair.
  • A provider has employed someone without having a background check completed.

Examples of ABC Complaints

  • A provider is not providing developmentally appropriate activities.
  • A provider is not following good hand washing practices.
  • A provider is not talking to children appropriately.