Digital Fingerprinting Services

The State of South Carolina has contracted with IdentoGo to provide electronic fingerprinting services for child care providers who require a state (SLED) and federal (FBI) fingerprint-based criminal history background check. Live scan digital fingerprinting provides the most accurate and quickest way to submit and process state and federal background checks.

Current live scan digital fingerprinting sites are located in the following cities throughout South Carolina - Columbia; North Charleston; Greenville; Florence; and Rock Hill. Mobile live scan services can be provided for 25 or more applicants upon request.

Download Fingerprint Application


Instructions for Scheduling Services

The State Applicant Fingerprint Electronic (SAFE) live scan form should be completed by each applicant prior to scheduling appointments. Click here to download a copy of this form. Information from this form will be needed when you schedule an appointment. Please follow the instructions below for scheduling.

You will need a unique ID number to schedule your appointment. Only your facility has this number and it should not be shared with another facility. Please call your regional office if you do not know your number.

Online Scheduling

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Go to
    • Click on English or Spanish to begin registration
    • Select Agency’s ORI Number
    • Click Go
    • Enter your facility ID [Your assigned facility ID number (Your unique identification number)]
    • Click Go
    • Verify your facility’s name by selecting “Yes” if this is correct. [If you select “No” you will be returned to the previous screen to re-enter your correct facility ID number]
    • Click Go
    • Select Reason
    • Click Go
    • Enter Zip Code or choose a region for a location to be fingerprinted
    • Click Go
    • Choose a location
    • Choose a date from the calendar and select “Click to Schedule” in blue
    • Choose appointment time and Click Go
    • Enter information from State Applicant Fingerprint Electronic (SAFE) live scan form
    • Click Send Information

Call Center Scheduling

  • Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Call 1-866-254-2366 and speak to one of the operators
  • Operators will collect the required information and schedule your appointment
  • A facility ID number is required

NOTE: Walk-ins are accepted, but should only be used in an emergency situation when time does not allow the individual to schedule an appointment. You must show a valid photo ID to be fingerprinted.

Method of Payment 

At the time of appointment scheduling, IdentoGo will accept cashier checks, money orders, business checks, Visa or MasterCard, debit cards, E-checks, personal checks, and Escrow accounts.

At the time of appointment, IdentoGo will accept cashier checks, money orders, business checks, personal checks, and Escrow accounts. 

How to Appeal Fingerprint Results

Once fingerprints are scanned, the child care staff person’s fingerprint results are sent to the Director of the child care facility. The results explain whether the individual is excluded from working in the facility or if he/she has a “non-exclude” which means the individual is cleared to work in the facility. To ensure confidentiality, no other information is provided to the Director.

If the individual chooses to appeal the fingerprint results, he/she may do so by notifying in writing the Office of Inspector General within DSS and the State Law Enforcement Division at the following email:


Please direct questions concerning the live scan digital fingerprinting to IdentoGo at 1-866-254-2366 or to the Fingerprint Liaisons with the SC Department of Social Services Division of Investigation.

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