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ABC Quality Program

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ABC Quality is excited to announce a new streamlined and simplified assessment process for center-based and license-exempt early care and education programs. This new process supports each program’s ability to increase their quality through a strengths-based assessment tool. There is one assessment tool for all programs, which is easier to navigate and removes barriers to increasing your quality level. 

The NEW ABC Quality Assessment Process


Eligibility: All programs must be in compliance with the eligibility criteria to enroll or maintain enrollment in ABC Quality. Learn more. 

Structural Quality: There are four elements of quality that are assessed as one part of a two part assessment process. Programs earn points for indicators that are met within the following Quality Elements:

  1. Program Administration and Structure
  2. Staff Education and Professional Development
  3. Child Well-being
  4. Family Communication, Engagement and Cultural Competency

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Process Quality: The final Element, Intentional Teaching Practices, is the second and most important part of  the assessment process, as it examines the experiences that children have in child care. Classroom observations are conducted by highly qualified and reliable Quality Assessors using the Intentional Teaching Tool. Programs earn points for indicators within the following standards:

  1. Responsive and Sensitive Care
  2. Language and Communication
  3. Guidance
  4. Program Structure
  5. Early Learning
  6. Environment  

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Each program will earn their Quality Level based on the combination of points earned from the Structural and Process Quality Assessments. 

Aplus A Bplus B C


ABC Quality is in the process of a pilot period to evaluate the new framework and indicators to ensure their validity in measuring program quality. During this time programs currently enrolled with ABC Quality will have their quality level held-harmless, meaning that providers may choose to keep their existing quality level or the quality level earned at the end of the pilot period.

Abc P

P = pending

Programs that have received a P rating are enrolled in ABC Quality and are waiting for their quality level to be assigned.


Why should your program enroll with ABC Quality? There are many benefits for your program!

If you are a family or group child care provider, call 1-800-763-2223 for more information.