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What is ABC Quality?

Within Levels A and B, highest performing providers are recognized by A+ and B+ designations. At each level, programs receive regular on-site reviews to measure performance on the program standards for that level.

Grading Graph


 Abc P

P = pending

Programs that have received a P rating are enrolled in ABC Quality and are waiting for their quality level to be assigned.


Grading Procedure

Programs are graded based on the elements below. The total score of the combined elements will determine the final rating

Program Administration and Structure

  • Organizational Structure
  • Program Operations
  • Policy and Procedures Relating to the Care of Children

Staff Education and Professional Development

  • Education - Program Leadership / Administrators
  • Education - Teachers
  • On-going Professional Development

Child Well-being

  • Nutritional Meal Planning and Policy
  • Child Observation, Screening and Referrals
  • Physical Fitness
  • Mental Health

Family and Community Partnership

  • Family Partnership and Engagement
  • Communication with Family
  • Cultural Competence

Intentional Teaching Practices

  • Responsive and Sensitive Care
  • Language and Communication
  • Guidance
  • Early Learning
  • Environment

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